Lose weight now guaranteed! Coffee with MCT oil will rid you off your belly fat in just 1 month

If combined with a keto-diet, there won’t be a trace fat left on your belly in 3-4 weeks.

The drink’s creator, a professor at a nutrition institute and nutrionist, William Petsch, answers these questions:

“The idea came to me spontaneously, similar to Newton’s apple, 2 years ago when I was on vacation in the Tibetan foothills.” That was the first place I drank their national delicacy, coffee with butter. The locals believe that the drink gives strength and energy.

Really, this coffee gives loads and loads of energy! Drink it in the morning and you won’t want to sleep till the evening. I got so tired working all year that I didn’t want to do anything physical on vacation.

I layed around all day in my hotel, age Tibetan street food, meditated and walked around the local markets and neighborhoods.

When I got home, I stepped onto the scales and almost fell off after seeing my weight I lost 20lbs in 2 weeks on vacation! I couldn’t even do that when I fast 2-3 times a year.

I knew by intuition that the secret was in the butter coffee and so I ran off that same day to do some testing at the lab. I started studying it from a scientific point of view and figured it all out.

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The butter is made from buffalo milk and added to coffee in Tibet. It helps burn fat thanks to its rich source of fatty acids. At the same time it can be harmful to the pancreas. Any unadapted foreigner could face chronic pancreatitis problems.

The MCT oil found in keto butter has a similar weight loss effect. The medium-chain triglycerides make this effect possible as they’re absorbed into the body faster. There are so many saturated fatty acids in the butter that promote quick and safe weight loss.

MCT-empowered coffee gives more energy than a typical coffee. Do more, get tired less and forget about feeling hungry. All this is possible because this kind of coffee promotes ketone body production. (That’s this coffee’s main secret.)

If you’ve ever tired out a keto-diet (the popularized carb-free diet), then you surely know that fat is burned in ketosis.

Ketosis is a metabolic state of carbohydralic hunger when keton bodies build up in the liver and the body takes energy from stored fat on the waist, thighs and butt rather than recently eaten food.

In contrast to the keto-diet where it takes weeks of practically fasting to reach ketosis, the butter coffee puts your body into ketosis in just 1-2 days.

You’ll have a flat belly and lose 4 inches of your waist in just 1 month. No diet and no work-out can burn fat as fast as that!

Lose weight with “keto coffee“, without needing to follow a classic keto diet or strict limitations. nuts and berry seeds vegetables (excluding vegetables grown under ground: potatoes, beets, carrots and others), greens eggs, cultured milk products, meat, fish bread, pastas, sugar, milk, beans, corn and rice

A bit down the road I decided to add chichorium to the drink to lower caffeine and cut out glucose. I added coconut flakes as flavoring. And, of course, picolinate chromium to add a quicker weight loss effect.

And that’s how the carb-free weight loss drink, Keto Bullet, was born!

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But that’s not all. After the 6 month clinical trial went by, it turned out. that I was right: Keto Bullet works better for those on a keto diet.

I gave this drink to 94 men and 107 women, my clients. 2/3’s of them were on the keto diet for a month but weren’t satisfied with their results and wanted to speed up results.

I suggested them to drink Keto Bullet to replace breakfast once every day.

What do you think happened? Everyone lost weight! Those were over 220lbs lost 45lbs and more in just 1 month. Those who wanted to lose 15-20lbs lost 35-40lbs. 65 lbs 50 lbs 40 lbs 30 lbs 20 lbs 10 lbs 10 days 20 days 30 days The average correlation of weight lost to time spent for women Before using Keto Bullet After using Keto Bullet 65 lbs 50 lbs 40 lbs 30 lbs 20 lbs 10 lbs 10 days 20 days 30 days The average correlation of weight lost to time spent for men Before using Keto Bullet After using Keto Bullet

The keto dieters went into ketosis in 1-2 days with Keto Bullet and started noticably losing thigh and waist fat in 3-4 days.

Look at these pictures. They were taken 3 to 5 weeks apart. Before drinking Keto Bullet my clients struggled and fought to lose every single pound!

The most important thing is that all the test participants physically felt much better. Thanks to the energy Keto Bullet gave them, they could stay ahead of work and life at home, skip day-time naps and eat an unneeded chocolate bar here and there.

I figured there wasn’t any point in keeping Keto Bullet secret, right?

The nutrition experts from the institute were amazed by Keto Bullet and immediately prepared it for the market. But keto coffee never made it to store shelves. The bureaucracy and mixed reviews on it made it impossible to make it there.

Thankfully, the internet solves that! My institute colleagues and I decided to sell Keto Bullet directly from the manufacturer.

This approach ended up being even better because we don’t depend on pharmacies. We sell our effective weight loss product at the price of an instant coffee! And so I thought, why not let everyone who struggles with weight loss finally get the body they dream of! Especially since you know the recipe:

Keto Bullet + keto diet = slim body in 1 month.

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