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7 Science-Based Benefits of Detox Tea [2022]

Tea is not just a drink. Tea is said to calm you down. You take your time for tea. And: drinking tea is healthy. So healthy that there are teas that are supposed to help detoxify the body during diets and cures and make it easier to lose weight. We’re talking about detox tea. But is detox tea just an expensive and well-marketed tea blend or is it really a useful addition to detoxify the body?

Detox tea – what is it?

The term detox comes from English and is the abbreviation of detoxification , which means detoxification. It is also the modern synonym for physical fasting or deacidification. The vernacular often speaks of detoxification. Since there is no slag in the human body, this is the wrong name in connection with detox tea and physical detoxification. The term detox tea is comparable to that of kidney and bladder tea, for example. It is supposed to serve a purpose, it has not been scientifically proven.

Detox teas, like many trends, come from the USA and are said to have helped one or two Hollywood stars detoxify their bodies and lose weight. Based on Ayurvedic recipes, detox tea is said to be a natural remedy to stimulate the kidney function of our body and thus support it in excreting fluids. It should also combine all the good properties of herbal tea blends, green tea, ginger or lemongrass.

Detox tea – this is how it should work

The fact is: tea in large quantities usually leads to an increased urge to urinate, so it has a partly dehydrating effect. One can probably rule out that it has a self-detoxifying effect. “Detoxing” is more about stimulating the metabolism and flushing existing breakdown products out of the body. So far so good, but detox tea against the rest of the toxin world? Is this “super herbal tea” actually more effective than other types of tea? At least detox tea often contains ingredients that, in moderation, have mainly positive properties. If you look at the following table with the potential ingredients of detox teas, you will first find plenty of healthy ingredients:

Possible ingredients of detox teaPossible effect
Nettle leavesThey stimulate the metabolism
Green teaContains antioxidants that may protect against free radicals
LemongrassContains mustard oils, which may have antioxidant effects
Ginger rootStimulates digestion
Mate sheetsMetabolism stimulating, dehydrating, hunger-relieving
Melissa and mintSoothe the gastrointestinal tract

The highlight of detox tea is the following: The ingredients form a kind of best-of of teas that should benefit our body. However, there is no one-size-fits-all recipe or defined formula that determines the composition of a detox tea. Different manufacturers of detox teas use different ingredients. Does this mean that you can get your own individual detox tea, depending on what it is supposed to support the body? For me, the concept of detox tea is losing credibility precisely because of this interchangeability of the ingredients.

Detox tea – a self-experiment

I wanted to know more about it and put a pot of detox tea from my girlfriend’s supplies on, so that I could at least taste the taste. Since detox tea consists of various herbal tea ingredients, it can taste milder, more bitter and furry, depending on the proportion of bitter substances, but not necessarily bad. In my case, the taste of green tea and a little lemon was unmistakable, which made the detox tea pleasant. Since tea is normally enjoyed hot to warm, I had the familiar, comfortably warm feeling of being warmed from the inside out, of course now too. By the way: If the pure detox tea is too bitter for you, you can also sweeten it with a little honey – but it wasn’t necessary for me.

After four cups of detox tea – without honey – I finally know what is meant by the possible dehydrating effect: the toilet calls. But do I already feel healthier? I can’t say right now, so I can’t prove it. I suspect that the psychological component certainly also plays a bigger role in detox tea, especially when it comes to a weight loss cure with the help of detox tea. Because anyone who is serious about the detox phenomenon and believes in it is also convinced that it works. The principle: firmly believe in your own idea. You can certainly feel healthier or more liberated with detox tea – yes, if you only want to. And that is meant seriously. In these cases, the success of the detox tea is absolutely right.

Detox tea alone does not make a detox regimen

If you decide to change your lifestyle or to lose weight, it is advisable not only to drink detox tea and otherwise avoid any food intake. Detox tea should and can only have a supportive effect and is not in itself a cure in the classic sense. There is more to it: First of all, you should ask your general practitioner for advice on which way of diet or cure is the best for you individually. Strict diets should generally be subject to medical supervision, as we more or less intervene in our sensitive immune and metabolic systems. However, unpleasant side effects such as headache or tiredness cannot be completely avoided during the period of waiver and are to a certain extent normal. But you should generally pay attention to the following things,if you want to start a cure with detox tea and it is successful:

Expectations of successful detox tea
 Gradual abandonment of solid food or luxury foods
 In addition to detox tea, drink plenty of water and unsweetened juices as food
 Legumes and broths are useful as additional food
 Exercising or going to the sauna make us sweat and reduce stress
 Get enough sleep
 For the most part, no dairy products and generally animal fats as well as luxury foods such as alcohol, nicotine, caffeine and sugar

In terms of price, the finished detox tea is more expensive in comparison than individual teas from the supermarket. However, some suppliers also have a cheaper version of detox tea on offer. Unfortunately, there are still no product tests with regard to its effectiveness for value for money. If you are unsure about the additional side effects that can occur with detox tea, you should ask a pharmacy or doctor for advice.

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Detox tea – pros and cons

The effect of detox tea is controversial, mainly because there are no scientific studies to date that expose detox tea as a successful supplement or even as a useless fantasy. However, tea is generally considered healthy and the herbal possible ingredients in detox tea mainly have good properties. Below are some pros and cons that help you weigh detoxifying and losing weight with detox tea, and if in doubt you should seek one or more opinions from a doctor or nutritionist.

 Detox tea can be dehydrating
 Consciously avoiding the unhealthy
 It is doubtful whether the name will keep what it promises
 Lack of scientific basis
 Conflicting expert opinions

Detox tea – (m) a conclusion

Detox tea is definitely marketed well. It can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. The trendy-looking name has been chosen wisely, but everyone has to decide for themselves whether it is appropriate. However, it is important to note one thing: Only with detox tea you cannot detoxify the body and also not significantly lose weight. And it is like with all lifestyle phenomena: You shouldn’t give unreserved faith to all marketing-driven products.

For me personally, detox tea is a herbal tea. At first glance, it does not show any special features compared to other types of tea. This could of course also be due to the fact that I did not start a detox regimen with a radical change in diet with the goal of halving my body weight. I also noticed that detox tea drives you – but to judge whether it puts other types of tea in the shade on this point is difficult to say after my short self-experiment.

In any case, the fact is: Detox tea is a tea made from various herbal teas. That this increases the detoxifying effect many times over is an open question. As long as there are no reliable studies, everyone should rely on their feelings and of course you are free to believe in the theory. Exclusively drinking detox tea, for example for several months, is not advisable. A shorter period (around 2 to a maximum of 4 weeks) appears here as an acceptable reference time. For everyone who still wants to try a detox cure, here is another tip: If in doubt, a doctor should be asked for advice or the possible risks of a detox cure.

Detox tea in combination with plenty of water, exercise, sleep and a balanced diet is sure to be a good addition to a healthier lifestyle. In addition, when “detoxing” it is also important to consciously do without and to cleanse the body a little mentally. So: Enjoying a detox tea on the couch with a good book from time to time is not harmful to your health – neither for your body nor your wallet.

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